Walmart Foundation Helps Bring the Farm to Table Experience to Our Consumers


"What's for Dinner?" is on everyone's mind who participated in the Saint Dominic's Home's Healthy Eating Initiative Program. Thanks to the Walmart Foundation, which was the lead in supporting this initiative, children and families from the Saint Dominic's Home Foster Care Program received a first-hand look at where their food comes from in this farm to table experience.


This program took place during the summer and fall of 2016 and spanned over the course of 13 weeks. Saint Dominic's Home worked with the Jones Farm, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, to facilitate two field trips that took place in September and October of 2016. Approximately 40 children, accompanied by Saint Dominic's Home staff members visited the farm.


The farm trips were both recreational and therapeutic and provided the children with a hand-on experience which enabled them to connect the food they eat in their home and where it's grown. The children enjoyed the field trips noting the highlights were interacting with the farm animals and the tractor hay rides.


Saint Dominic's Home foster families were also given weekly fresh produce from the farm. The program also included three Healthy Eating Workshops which are designed to educate the children and families on how to prevent and treat health problems such as diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. This program taught them how to incorporate the  produce they received into their diet by creating cultural friendly recipes from the foods provided by the farm. Armed with recipes and ideas, families are looking forward an additional nine weeks of food deliveries through the end of the year.


All agreed they were looking forward to returning to the farm when it opens again in the Spring of 2017.