About Our Children's Care Coordination Department

Saint Dominic's Family Services Children's Care Coordination Department provides home-based services to prevent separation of families, increase family stability and reduce the stressors that families face. The Children's Care Coordination Department consists of seven community-based programs in the Bronx and Rockland County:


We assist families that may be at risk for:


It is the contention of all programs that children desire, above all else, to reside with their birth families and that every effort should be made to assist families in meeting their children's needs while residing at home. It is therefore the goal of each program to provide comprehensive, community-based, individualized and multi-cultural services to families in the attempt to prevent the separation of the child from his/her family, accelerate family reunification and at the same time ensure the safety of every child that we serve.


Each program provides services to the families in their individual communities and the programs are well known to other providers in order to ensure the expeditious accessing of services and the necessary discharge resources for each family when they are stable and no longer require our services.