Annual Reports

This was an important year of self-assessment and planning for Saint Dominic’s Family Services. And one in which we accomplished many critical initiatives to strengthen and preserve our services for future generations in need.

Saint Dominic's Home is pleased to share our Annual Report! 

Saint Dominic’s Home proudly seeks to enable each person in our care to live and thrive in a permanent, family-centered environment that nurtures individual growth, maximizes independence, and achieves one’s potential.

For nonprofits operating in New York State, the challenges are many, as the entire industry continues to transform with new models of care to serve people in need. However, with challenges come many rewards, especially when you have a solid organization of experienced and dedicated employees working for the greater good of the people we serve.

In these pages you get a “snapshot” of our six programs that include childhood education, family foster care, developmental disabilities, mental health and community based services. This is the heart of our agency– it is why we exist, and what motivates our more than 800 employees to dedicate their working lives to year after year.

When parents tell us Saint Dominic’s Home provides them peace of mind, that their child is making tremendous strides and loves it here, and that we provide them a good life, it echoes what Saint Dominic’s Home has been doing every day since its founding in 1878 and that’s “bettering lives.” We are also very proud of our financial performance for 2012. We are in a solid fiscal position to better meet challenges and changes that lie ahead in 2013 and beyond.

Saint Dominic's Home serves a diverse population of children, adolescents, adults and families in need throughout the Bronx and the lower Hudson Valley, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. We employ more than 830 people and manage a $50 million annual budget to operate five programs: Education, Family Foster Care. Community Based Services. Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health.

I am pleased to present our Annual Report for the fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2010. The report provides numbers on our performance for the year, but what I think you will really find inspiring is a number of vignettes on some of the people we serve who have told us how Saint Dominic’s Home has played a role in bettering their lives.