At Saint Dominic’s Family Services we consider our employees our most valuable assets. Our philosophy is to empower our workforce and treat all employees with dignity and respect. We are proud to have a very diverse group of employees. This includes gender, race and ethnic backgrounds.  We also take pride in the longevity of our employees, with a majority having five-plus years of services, and some who have been with Saint Dominic’s Family Services for more than 30 years. In addition, with the support of a very responsive administrative and executive team, the HR department is committed to hiring "top talent” to work in our Education, Human Services, Administrative and Support Services Departments.


At Saint Dominic’s Family Services, we offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefit packages and extensive training and development programs. Employees are recognized and rewarded for their commitment and dedication to the people we serve, by sharing in our employee involvement programs, such as Staff Appreciation Day, Summer Fest, and annual Holiday celebrations.


We invite you to become a part of Saint Dominic’s Family Services team of professionals. Help us to fulfill our mission and goals by completing an on-line employment application for available jobs in the Bronx, Rockland County or Orange County. Become a satisfied and valuable employee, with an already existing 800 employees, at any of our locations in the Bronx, Rockland and Orange counties.



Saint Dominic’s Family Services is promoting Health and Wellness. The agency was recently recognized for its numerous health-promoting activities and programs. The agency's primary goal is to create a culture of healthier life styles.