Family Foster Care Services


The Family Foster Care program provides extensive training to its staff and foster parents in order to provide high quality care for the children who have been placed with us. These children, who often have been neglected, abused, or abandoned, can be challenging and difficult, but the rewards of working with them are great.  We take great pride in our work with them, and in our unwavering commitment to their success.


Family Team Conferences play a vital role in the permanency planning for the children and families in our care. These conferences are designed to discuss the strengths and concerns of all parties, and, at the end of the conference, to create an action plan to address the concerns.It is a chance for everybody’s voice to be heard, so that we can all serve the best interests of the children.


Foster Parent Support is designed to assist our foster parents by providing guidance to resolve any issues in their homes and/or the address the adjustment problems that occur as a result of children being placed in their home.  This work is done on an individual and/or small group basis by specialized staff as needed.


Educational Advocacy employs a special professional to assist foster parent and birth parents whose children have been transitioned into their homes with the most appropriate educational placement in the Board of Education system. The Educational Coordinator is an expert in both Special Education and Vocational Training, and is able to explore the options available to the children.


Preparing Youth for Adulthood – Saint Dominic’s Family Services employs several staff members who work exclusively with teens, in order to prepare them for life after foster care. Teens are assisted with employment, advanced educational opportunities, housing, and all other areas that are associated with life as an adult.


Mental Health – We recognize that children in foster care have special psychological issues.  Our staff includes several psychologists and mental health professionals who are trained in providing the best of care for these children, in order to help them adjust to the circumstances of their lives.


Medical – Saint Dominic’s Family Services provides medical services on site, including a full time physician and two nurses. The agency also makes referrals to handle special medical situations and to follow up on health-related issues.


Birth Parent Advocacy – The program employs a Birth Parent Advocate to assist birth parents in obtaining public benefits they may be entitled to as a result of their children being placed in foster care. The advocate escorts birth parents to appointments and is able to translate Spanish to English to ensure that the needs of the birth parents are being met.


Substance Abuse Services – Many of our clients have difficulties with substance abuse.  To serve them, the program employs a specialist in this area, who is able to make referrals to appropriate programs and to help these clients change their lives in a positive way.