CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement)/Risk Management Department

CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement)/Risk Management Department was established in 2006 to assess and reduce agency risk as well as assist program departments in delivering continuous quality services to persons' served and their families. The department is proactive in examining on an ongoing basis the full gamut of agency operations and procedures and works closely with the agency's fiscal department and senior management team to implement improvements and initiatives undertaken by the agency.


Saint Dominic's Family Services CQI Department also operates the agency’s Corporate Compliance Program. This Program provides detailed information about the agency's policies and procedures for detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in federal health care programs and about whistle blower protections under federal and New York State laws. The success of Saint Dominic's Family Services Corporate Compliance Program is based on each person operating under the aegis of Saint Dominic’s Home. It requires consistent adherence to the highest ethical standards and applicable laws.