Targeted Case Management/Health Homes Affiliate

Program Location: All five boroughs in NYC, as well as in Rockland County and lower Hudson Valley.

For those children facing chronic health, mental health or substance use issues, knowing where to turn and getting the right advice and treatment is important to maintain good health. At Saint Dominic’s Family Services we understand that informed decisions and reliable support for a child’s treatment brings peace of mind and better quality of life to a child and family in need. 

 The Targeted Case Management (TCM ) program promotes optimal health and wellness for children and youth diagnosed with severe emotional disorders.

TCM services are available to all children and youth living in the home who are 0-21 years old, have Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible and meet medical necessity. 

All services can be delivered in the community where the children/youth lives, attends school, and/ or engages in services. 

TCM members are eligible for the following: 

  • Skill Building: teaching children to help with social/ interpersonal skills, academic, independent living skills, and community. This service will be provided in person.
  • Other Licensed Professional Services (OLP): counseling, assessment and evaluation.
  • Youth Peer Advocacy: coaching, engagement, self-advocacy, self-efficacy, empowerment, community connections and natural supports. 
  • Family Peer Support Services: parent skill development, bridging, and transition support. 
  • CPST: individual, family and relationship-based counseling, supportive counseling, solution focused interventions, emotional and behavioral management; with the goal of developing and implementing social, interpersonal, self care, and independent living skills; to restore stability, to support functional gains and to adapt to community living.  

*Services can be delivered face to face and virtually based on the need of the youth and families.