Mission Statement


St. Dominic’s Therapeutic Preschool Program provides a supportive, caring, and inclusive environment for young children with special needs and their typically developing pre-k peers. Our team of professionals support our mission of laying the foundation for each child’s emotional, physical, cognitive, and social success in a bilingual setting.


We believe with love, support and encouragement in our nurturing environment, every child will have a positive learning experience and build the curiosity, confidence, and independence to become life-long leaners.

School Philosophy

· We are committed to the constant development of a strong professional community of the program staff.
· We are committed to support, respect, and love our students, developing and teaching children entrusted to our care.
· We put children’s needs first.
· We believe in the uniqueness of each individual child who may develop and learn in ways different from other children.
· We promote positive expectations for every single child and believe that staff and family teamwork is a best way to a child’s developmental progress.
· We believe that patience, redirection, and positive reinforcement is the basis for developing a child’s social and behavioral skills.
· We respect the diversity of our students’ families, cultures, languages, and traditions.
· We believe that children learn through play and active exploration.
· We encourage child-initiated activities in a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities that enhance children’s growth and self-esteem.
· We encourage children to participate in new learning experiences exploring the world around them.
· We believe that our students benefit from learning projects that support their creativity, thinking skills, and communication with peers and adults.