Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To meet the academic and social-emotional needs of the children in our care by providing a therapeutic learning environment, enabling them to develop and maximize their full potential. Through the integration of multidisciplinary services and partnerships with families, St. Dominic’s School responds to our students’ needs with commitment, understanding, and guidance.

School Philosophy

· We are committed to the constant development of a strong professional community of the program staff.

· We are committed to supporting, respecting, and loving our students, developing and teaching children entrusted to our care.

· We put children’s needs first.

· We believe in the uniqueness of each individual child who may develop and learn in ways different from other children.

· We promote positive expectations for every single child and believe that staff and family teamwork is the best way to a child’s developmental progress.

· We believe that patience, redirection, and positive reinforcement are the basis for developing a child’s social and behavioral skills.

· We respect the diversity of our students’ families, cultures, languages, and traditions.

· We believe that children learn through play and active exploration.

· We encourage child-initiated activities in a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities that enhance children’s growth and self-esteem.

· We encourage children to participate in new learning experiences exploring the world around them.

· We believe that our students benefit from learning projects that support their creativity, thinking skills, and communication with peers and adults.