Therapeutic K-12 School

Learn about our K-12 Therapeutic School in Blauvelt, N.Y., in this video!

St. Dominic’s School is an 853 school that services a diverse population of students from grades K-12 with social-emotional needs, neurological impairments, and learning disabilities. 

St. Dominic’s School is certified by the New York State Education Department to serve students with primary disabilities such as emotionally disturbed (ED), multiple disabilities (MD), other health impairment (OHI) and autism, and speech and language impairment.

St. Dominic’s School student body is drawn from Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties, and New York City. The school provides an 8:1:1 ratio – one teacher and one teaching assistant to eight students.

St. Dominic’s School provides a therapeutic milieu that emphasizes safety, structure, and clarity of behavioral expectations. Our staff employs a pro-active approach to anticipate and plan for our students’ needs.

An individualized plan is formulated for each student. Together, staff, students, and families work toward building a program that works in each student’s best interest.