Smart School Bond Act

The Smart School Bond Act Investment Plan authorizes NY State to finance schools with improved educational technology and infrastructure to better learning and opportunity for students. Saint Dominic’s School is eligible to receive $20,101 in funding from the New York State Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA). Saint Dominic’s School intends to use these funds to upgrade the desktops and monitors in all of the classrooms and the library. In addition to other technology grants and improvements, we are pleased to be able to offer our students access to the most current technology.

Approximately 26 new desktops and monitors will be used by students and teachers in the classroom and the library for individual and group instructional activities, including differential instruction for students with varying levels of learning needs. The desktops provide a variety of instructional and learning opportunities via online and software packages to instruct, review, practice, and reinforce classroom teaching in all subject areas. Most curriculum materials also have online components and embedded links for students to access additional information to enhance learning.

Many computer programs also offer group learning opportunities such as collaborative writing, a helpful tool as the new student school newspaper is being planned. Students will also have access to the most recent technology for digital art media to enhance the art curriculum. Other examples of desktop uses include digital read-aloud text, virtual simulation, virtual field trips, research, and assessments.

We hope to have New York State Education Department approval to purchase the computers and monitors in 2019. If you would like to submit any written comments on this plan, you may send them to: